Have I ever tag!

Hey guys!!! For today’s blog post we are doing a have i ever tag! I did something like this already but with different questions! So let’s get started!

Have you ever…..

Held or petted a wild animal?

I said a turtle that was I the middle of the street a few times does that count?

broken a bone?

No but eveyone else in my family has!!

been on the radio or on television?

No but ive been in the news paper before!

stayed awake for an entire night?

Yes !!

broken something, like a window, and ran away?

No not that I know of!

went sky diving, bungee jumping, or para-sailing?

No I don’t like hiegts or scary things

talked on the phone for more than two hours?

Yes! Its been to family members or boyfriend before!

gotten lost in an amusement park or on vacation?

Yes but I wasn’t really lost just couldnt see my mom!

had a friend who shared the same birthday as you?

No I wish!

been out in the rain and really enjoyed it?

Yes I love the rain! Its so fun to be in!

had something embarrassing happen to you?

All the time! Im a awkward person!

had a near-death experience?

I really don’t know?

gotten in trouble at school or at church?

Nothing really bad but just normal kid stuff!

helped someone who was in danger?

In danger? No but I help people all the time!

drank soda pop, laughed, and had it come out your nose?

Yes!! Especially if I’m with my sister’s they always make me laugh so much!

regifted something that you received as a gift?

No, not that i remember! My family is always honest about it we like a gift of not!

went camping in a tent?

Yes once but I loved it! I never have anyone to go with now!

had your cell phone ring at an embarrassing moment ?

No but I always fear of that happing all the time!

sung karaoke, or did a lip-sync song?

I love karaoke!!!

seen a baby animal be born?

Yes! When i have 11 my guinea pig had 6 babies and then and High School I was part of FFA and we had two cows give birth !

I hope you guys like this have I ever tag!! In the comments down below, let me know have you ever done anything on this list!?! Make sure to follow Ally&Kat to get update when I post and like this post! As always I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next post!



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