Go getters guide to the perfect weekend!

Sleeping in, eating what I want, not doing school or work, that’s what I want my weekend to look like! That’s what I call a PERFECT WEEKEND! But realty is none of that, so today I’m breaking down realty vs what I want my weekend to be like and what my weekdays and weekends look like! So, let’s get started!


I wake up around 5am during the week so when the weekend comes around I want to sleep in till like noon, but truth is around 9ish ill start to wake up and can’t go back to sleep no matter how late I stay up!!! Or I must wake up early to do something!

Staying up late!

I am 100% a night owl! I love staying up late but because I get up so early during the week I go to bed around 7pm-10pm and during the weekend I stay up around 2am-3am but sometimes I still go to bed early because I’m so tired from all the stuff I did during the week!


I love food who doesn’t! But I plan out everything I eat and drink because I’m trying so hard to eat better! But the truth is during the weekend I somethings get pizza and stuff that dose not go in my plan but that is ok because I am human and can eat what I want! Lol

Doing nothing!

I spend my week doing stuff for everyone else I don’t have time for me! So, my weekends are for me and me only! I use this time to get stuff done that I can’t do during the week! Like blogging or reading or yoga or going for a run! But its mostly spent laying in bed watching Netflix all day with pizza!


I hope you guys enjoyed this fun post! In the comments down below, let me know what you do for fun on your weekends! As always, I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next post!

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