February Goals!

Hello February! I can’t believe it’s already February!!! With it being a new month that means a new goals list!! So, let’s get started!!

Me and February

February is a month that will forever have meaning to me. February 8th is my mom’s birthday and she would have been 50 this year! I know me, and my mom didn’t have a good relationship, but I still get emotion on that day! Plus, in February my Tia (aunt), My Abuela (Grandma) and my Tia Velta (she was my Tia’s aunt, but we call her Tia!) birthdays and my dog and cat was born in February, so I have a lot of birthdays! I also want to keep going with my yoga and meditation and working out! I also want to get done with school! I so close to being done! Hope to be done this month!

Ally & Kat and February

I think my biggest goal is really making my blog more me and finding my style! I did redo the look but I still not feeling it! Let me know what you guys think!! I also want to get better at planning out my posts! I struggle with that so much and just need to get my shit together!! Lol! I also want to be more open in my post, I want to talk about stuff that makes me sad, happy, and mad!

That about it for my February goals! I hope you guys enjoy!! Let me know in the comments down below, what is one of your goals this month! As always, I love you guys, and ill see you in the next post!



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