A shaving club made for womankind?!?


Meet my new best friend Billie! Now before we get started This is not a sponsorship or anything like this! I saw this and wanted to review this because I think this is just amazing! Now on to Billie!

Now I love the dollar shave club for a few reasons!

  1. Its only $9
  2. It gets deliver to me!
  3. I never have to think about forgetting razors again! Billie

But the dollar shave club is for “men”! Well somewhat! I have always used guys razors because I get a better shave out of them then girls and there is a big price difference. But one day I was going through Facebook and I saw a ad for Billie and decide to check it out! I saw it was the dollar shave club but for women!


That got me kind of happy! But then I started thinking its something for girls so its going to be $$$ but I saw it was only $9 for the started kit and then 4 blades every month after that! You gut to pick out your color handle (I went for blush because I love a peachy pink!!) then I added their soap (Which was $9 more!) the soap is vegan, non-gmo, and gluten free! Plus, it smells so good!!! Its also no has no parabens or sulfates, no synthetic fragrances, and no testing on animals! So, they 100% win in my books!


I really love what they stand by and what they believe in! This is a quote from the little book that comes in the kit and I just love it! “Most companies are born out of a question. Ours was: Hang on a minute how come women are still overpaying for razors?” This is so true, and I think its so dumb that we women pay for something that doesn’t ever work well, and men pay less!?!? I’ve been using my Billie for about a week now and I love it! I get a great shave and it’s a cute razor!

Reason why I love Billie:

  1. Its design for me as a woman!
  2. Its only $9
  3. It comes to me
  4. I don’t have to forget about razors!

If you want to check it out for yourself, I will link it down below! I think this about ends my review! I hope you guys enjoyed this fun review of Billie! As always, I love you guys and ill see you in the next post!



Want a billie! (click here)

2 thoughts on “A shaving club made for womankind?!?

  1. Lena Dee

    I think people keep finding more ways to get innovate and fun. This is such a handy service and the little packages are cute. I’m not keen on razors cause my skin is very sensitive and for some reason they irritate me even more than Nair and shaving creams but it’s lovely hearing about this option. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Thanks for sharing! 😊

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

    Liked by 2 people

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