No Wifi!!

So, I did the unthinkable! Today most people can’t live without WIFI! People use it for work, school, Free time, and just about anything! But what if you had to go without Wi-Fi for 3 months! Now I know some of you will say, that’s easy you really don’t “need” WIFI! But as a blogger and someone who does school online, wifi Is more of a need…

To give you guys a little backstory, my dad got in “trouble” at work and was suspended so he wasn’t getting paid. That means we had to cut down on stuff until we got everything figure out! So wifi was the first to go because the company we had sucked and kept rising the price, and we were going to leave then anyways! So now with no wifi I had to manged my blog and do school, How did I do that? I really dont know lol!

I mostly did work from my phone because i had unlimited data but that still was hard to do.You try writing essays from your phone!! But i also used the wifi at my favorite bookstore Mojos!! I also have some free hot stop on my phone (A hot spot is wifi for your laptop that’s can sometimes come with your plan!)That i used if i really needed to use my computer! also have a lot of blog post done before we shut off the wifi so I was perpaed!

I think being with no wifi was a good thing for me. I was able to get more stuff done with out being destarted by Netflix or YouTube, I found some new TV shows that i love, I read more, I went out more, and just wasn’t so depend on needing to be on my laptop all the time! I’m glad to have wifi back but even now i’m not spending a lot of time being my on computers! I recmmoned trying this on a small scaled maybe like a day or so see what it does to you!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this story time! I want to know in the comments down below, can you live with out wifi for 3 months?? As always i love you guys and I’ll see you in the next post!!



One thought on “No Wifi!!

  1. Oh Ally Kat I adored your story! My children have never lived without wifi nor cell phones. I am proud of your perseverance to still work around the obstacles of no wifi. Keep that passion never to let an obstacle define you! Creativity will always when the day when you look for solutions!

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