Valentine’s day Lookbook

Hey guys! I hope y’all are having a great day! Today is Valentine’s day and if your like me your single and alone! But that’s okay!! I have my dog and cat and tomorrow I’m about to get a lot of chocolate for 50% lol!! Anyways, if i were going out I would make a lookbook about it So today i put together a outfit fit for Valentine’s night with your friends or a special someone! So lets get started!
Hair- Makeup!

For my hair i would just leave it down I really didn’t feel like doing anything with my hair but a side braid would look so cute with the dress! For the make up I went with a smokey eye with some eyeliner and some macsaer. Then I would say whatever you do for full face. I personally don’t do all the foundation or highlighter and stuff like that but you do you!
The dress!!

I love this dress! I looks so good on me!! I got it from tjmax and i love it!!! It is a black with floral print, its a wrap style dress, with a gold belt. I love the boobs area, it looks so good! lol This dress is great for a date, chruch, or work! It has a sexy yet classy vib to it! I just love it! For the shoes i went with my brown heel boots! I cant remember where i got them but they are cute!

Night time wear!

Now it is Valentine’s Day so you would most likely have some sexy lingerie but because I’ll be by myself in bed I literally will be wearing this. Thos is a t-shirt bra from Adore me and its great and I love it!! It’s super soft super comfy plus I support my boobs and that’s a plus in my books. And then I guess I need a sex it up a bit so I might have on my black lace rope from Adore Me and it’s just cute I love this robe it’s always my go-to road and I look great.

I hope you guys liked this lookbook! I’m still sick so this might be a little all over the place lol. Bit i wantwd todo something for valentines day and decided to do a lookbook! I hope you guys enjoyed and kn the comments down below let me know What you did for valentines day!! As always I Love you guys and I’ll see you in the next post!!!



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