Real talk- Body love

Growing up I never really cared about my body. I never really compare myself to others, I never thought that I wasn’t pretty. Until High School happened. I know I talked about that’s a while ago on my blog but even now from a few months ago it changes a lot with how I love my body and how I dress. Soi wanted to share my story and a little update on how I learned to love my body!!
High school was rough for me I was bullied I was also trying to figure out my anxiety disorder and was struggling with my dyslexia all while trying to go through High School. I never dressed up in high school I always wore jeans an oversized sweater because I didn’t like my body and just didn’t want to show it off. If you look at me know I’m a totally different person! I mean come on I wore a bikini to the beach!!! That was a huge milestone for me and loving my body. But before I could reach that Milestone I did have to take baby steps and that was hard I didn’t think I could do it but I did. So let’s walk through those baby steps!
I live in sunny Florida so it gets hot and I always used to wear long pants and long sleeves because I didn’t want to show my body but as a baby style I started wearing a t-shirt. I know what you’re saying “wow a t-shirt how… Risky??” But to me, that was huge enough. And then from there, I started wearing not necessarily tank tops but they had kind of like a tank top sleeve style shirt if that makes any sense! And then skirts became an option for me which I love now and then I moved on to some dresses. Now not to fancy dresses but just casual dresses like I guess it called skater dresses and some summer dresses! And now I wear dresses to crop tops shorts tank top bikinis and it’s amazing. But don’t get me wrong there are days where I might just like my body I wouldn’t necessarily say I hate it but there are some dark days…
They just happen I’ll wake up just feeling meh and because of that I sometimes just don’t like my body I wish that no one could ever feel like this but is going to happen sometimes and I wanted to tell you guys how I try to get out of that mood and what I do to love my body again on those dark days… I 100% recommend you doing this I go to a mirror and you can be wearing clothes or what I do is just wear a bra and my PJ shorts and I start naming everything I love about myself! It may seem like its cliche or won’t work but it works so good for me and I try to do it when I’m feeling down. Then an also look at my favorite plus size Instagrammers who is Tess holliday (@tessholliday) who if you don’t know who she is, she is a plus-size model who I look up too! She is beautiful and amazing and I look at her post and her photos and inspires me to take a risk in my fashion and where Steph I wouldn’t normally wear. And then we have Crystal coons (sometimesglam) she is also a plus-size model and I love her!! She is so beautiful and she showed me to wear what I want to wear and not what society says I have to wear. I know they don’t know me but because of them, I have the confidence and love my body because they love theirs! And I hope that I can do that for you guys to show that I love mine!!!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’m sorry if it seems all over the place I just want to get my message across while sharing my story and my mind goes faster than my fingers to type! I hope you guys have an amazing day and I just want to say thank you for a hundred followers on this blog I hope you guys know that I love you guys so much and just thank you thank you thank you as always I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will see you in the next one!!!

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