Storytime tag! Fun Friday!

1.Talk about a time you lied to a parent.
I once said I was at school but I really didn’t go. I literally laid in bed that whole day and my dad thought I was at school. I was only 14 at the time.

2.That time you stole something.

I was like 9 ish at the time and i was at Walmart with my mom and I was looking at a coloring book and I thought i put it up but I didn’t and took it home without knowing!! I was so sad and didnt know what to do!!

3.A confrontation you had with a teacher.

I was on 5th grade and I was in after school tutoring. I had it on Mondays Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays. Well I would always forget to remind my mom to pick me up on Monday later so I would always have to miss Monday tutoring cuz I wouldn’t have a ride. One Monday I had a conference with the teacher so my mom was there in the morning and I guess the teacher talked to her about it and reminded her but didn’t tell me so I didn’t go Monday afternoon and when I went to school Tuesday they gave it to me. I remember just crying my eyes out and then my arch nemesis. Yeah I had an arch nemesis in 5th grade that’s story time for a different day.

A time you tricked a sibling.

I do this to much on family dinners! Once I put mayonnaise on a sugar cookie and said it was icing and she ate it LOL.

A story about how you got your pet.

I always love telling the story about how I got my dog Trisha. I was like 11 12 and my older sister had to do a report at our local Humane Society and so we went as a family me and my dad my mom and my two sisters well on the way there they gave us a talk. We weren’t allowed to get a dog or a cat or anything we were just there for my sister to do her report. And then we walked inside in my heart melted and all the cute animals only found this one of his brown baby lab and it was so cute so we left with no pet and then and then somehow we convinced my mom to get that dog and when we went back it was already adopted but then they found Trisha my beautiful dog? We don’t know what she is but we do see some lab in her.

A holiday catastrophe.

My sister had to do thanksgiving dinner last year! My grandma has always done Thanksgiving dinner and this year she was in New York on a girls trip so my older sister who lives with her decided to do Thanksgiving dinner and I 100% thought it wasn’t going to be but she surprised all of us and did really well when I got there. LOL

That time you tried out for something.

I was in chorus in 3rd 4th and 5th grade. For third grade you just get it and you don’t have to try out or anyting but in 4th and 5th you have to try out in audition to be in the School chorus and I can’t see and I knew that but I tried anyways and I got in for 4th and 5th grade and none of my sisters did so I’m proud of me for that but I still know I can’t sing.

I hope you guys like this little Story Tim I thought this was a great idea because I have so many little stuff I want to do a post about but they’re too tiny to make a post so I found this idea and that is amazing. In the comments down below let me know what is something you would love to be good at. As always guy’s I hope you have a fantastic friday and I love you guys and I’ll see you in the next post!!



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