As told by, Well me!

Hey guys it’s Allie and you might have noticed I was gone for a whole week. You also may have noticed Ally + Kat isn’t a thing anymore! Since I started this blog I have struggled with it’s identity if that makes sense, and I keep going back and forth and just rushing decisions on it and never felt satisfied with the outcome. So I took a week, and I planned everything out, didn’t rush anything, got People’s opinions and found what i wanted my blog to be! That meant a new name which is now as told by Allie. Because everything I do on this blog is my story of something or my opinion so it’s being told by me! I got a new name so i needed a new logo! I got oje made from someone on Etsy who did an amazing job I will link her shop down at the end! She did an amazing job and I’m so happy with it!! I also made a theme I guess it is all black, white, and gold. I think that colors are classy and I just love it. The things that aren’t changing for the blog is my content I’m still sharing my story, I’m still giving my opinion and doing the same things I’ve always been doing. I’m just finally at a place where I’m happy with the blog and I’m excited to see where I go from here and I hope you guys enjoy and love the changes. Let me know in the comments down below what you guys think I love hearing other people’s opinions! As always I love you guys and can’t wait to see you in the next post!



2 thoughts on “As told by, Well me!

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