My favorite apps I’m using now!

Happy Wednesday!!! For todays random Wednesday, I’m doing a favorite apps part 2! I did one of these a few months ago! (Click here to see it!) And now im doing another one! So lets get started!!!


I love this app so much! It’s a mix of a diary and a modd tracker! I’ve been using this for 7 months amd ots been amazing! I go through so many emotions in one day it’s great to be able to track it especially the way that they do! You start by answering like how was your day was it a good, bad, OK, or terrible. Then you can go in and kind of type little paragraph describing what you did throughout the day or why you felt that way! Then they talk about what made your day that way was it your family, friends, working out, and there is alot of options. Then again you can go into more details with the paragraph. Then they always end up with like a question of the day and it always changes but they’re always very good and very deep and it gets you thinking! And that’s pretty much it!


I’m always using this for my blog headers and Instagram photos! If you dont know what Canva is a graphics design tool! They have a lot of tools and templates to use and I love it plus it is free! Now I do have the premium membership which is also really good and it’s not that expensive either but if you want to still amazing and I did you set up for a good while before I decided it was time to invest into my blog! I make all my blog headers with this and all my new post Instagram photos with it and I love it it’s really easy I know what I’m doing and this is so many options you can do!


Im new to the Instagram photo editing phase thing whatever you call it but this has helped me a lot! I am not a Instagram person to begin with. But as a blogger you kind of had to have social media so when it came to Instagram I didn’t know that you kind of had to edit your photos in a way to make them fit a “theme” so I started looking for good editing apps and this one has become my favorite! It’s easy to use, you can do so much stuff for it, and it’s free! So if you’re looking for good editing app I recommend this one!


I love clothes who doesn’t! But I’m also broke and I’m not one for paying $80 for a shirt that barely covers my stomach! That’s where Vinted comes in this is an online thrift store! People sell clothing on there for this kind of prices and I love it I have bought so much clothes from there at such low prices and I even sell clothes on there! Its amazing!! I recommend it if you are a big fan of thrift shopping and saving money on some cute clothes!

I think thats about it for my favorite apps part 2! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! In the comments down below let me know a favorite app of yours you can’t live without! As always guys i love you and can’t wait to see you on the next post!



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