March breakdown

And just like that march is over! Its carzy to think I survived 3 months of 2018 already! Well bearly… So today let’s breakdown march!

I wouldnt say much has changed this month, but I will say I’ve been really good with my goals! Ive been working out, I’ve been doing my meditation, and been doing great with blogging! I also did a whole makeover on my blog (click here to read about that) I’m now as told by Allie! I took a week to plan out what I wanted to do and it was a good desion! I now have a good schedule to do all my blogging and im just in a good place with my blog! I also have been trying diffent ways to try to stay organized. That has been working out okay it’s still a trial and error process but I’m finding different ways to help! Overall I think I’ve done a lot this month for the good and I’m proud of myself for that! I didn’t think this would go as well as it did and I’m happy for it!

That’s about it for my march breakdown! Let me know in the comments below what did you do in March? As always guys thank you so much for everything you do and I love you guys and can’t wait to see you in the next post!



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