Go getters guide to spring cleaning!

Spring is here and that means beautiful flowers blooming everywhere, allergies acting up, and of course the big clean! Spring cleaning usually taks a few days to a week but for me its a whole month! So today im going to help guide you with somw tips on surviving spring cleaning!!

Rule #1- No one is allowed in the house till it’s all done!

I hate when I’m cleaning and someone just comes in and messes everything up! Its annoying and it pisses me off! So just kick everyone out and get all done!

Rule #2- Make a plan!

I get overwhelmed really easily, so i need to have a plan on what im doing before i start! So just make a plan!

Rule #3- Make it fun!

Who said cleaning had to be boring! Play some music and have a dance party!!! Or put some Netflix on and watch while you clean! WARNING THIS MAY CAUSE CLEANING TO TAKE LONGER, PROSED WITH CARE!

Rule #4 Fun Juice!

Girl go get you some of your “fun juice” becuase you earned it!

Rule #5- You got this!

However big your cleaning is, just know you got it! I know it can be stressful and overwhelming, but at the end it feels amazing to have everything done!

I hope you guys enjoyed this go getters guide to spring cleaning!!! I love doing this because they are fun and silly! In the comments down below let me know if you did any spring cleaning! As always guys thank you for everything and ill see you in the next post!!!



5 thoughts on “Go getters guide to spring cleaning!

  1. GIRL! I have so much Spring cleaning to do it’s insane. I REALLY need to make a dent in my clothes situation; I need to clean things out and donate, donate, donate! Thanks so much for the motivation! xo


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