You asked, I answer!

Happy Friday guys!! You did it you made it to the end of the week and now it’s time to celebrate! For today’s blog post I am doing a fun Q&A. I asked you guys on Twitter and Instagram (follow me @Allyvkat) and I answered for you guys so let’s get started!
Do you like coffee?

No, People are always so shocked when they hear thta! I’ve never been into coffee but I love the smell of it! And I 100% wish I loved coffee because I need it to survive my day!
Your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be just doing nothing and not stressing over anythning! I don’t care where i am i just want to be happy!
What are you eating now?

Right now I am eating a egg and chesse croust from Dunkin becuase I can! don’t judge its been a long day!
What TV shows do you like?

I was usually never someone who would like TV shows, but lately there’s been some really good ones! I love Empire and star on Fox those are really good and also on Fox the resident is one of my favorite shows and 911!
What is your favorite subject?

I’ve always loved literature or English those are my two favorite and high school and middle school. I just love reading and I loved Shakespeare and I loved writing essays!
What were you doing 3 hours ago?

I was doing dishes and doing laundry at the same time. I know that’s not fun but that’s what I had to do everyday!
Are you wearing pants right now?

If you know me you know I hate wearing pants. So right when I get home I take off my pants and I usually put on PJ shorts or just shorts in general like comfy show it’s just if I’m going to be around my house so I know I am wearing pants but it’s just because I did just get home and I wanted to get this done before I got really busy!
What are your plans for tonight?

Going to bed super early because I didn’t get any sleep last night and I had to get up at 5 a.m. every morning so I’m going to be an old lady and be in bed by 8!
When do you usually go to sleep?

This is always a never-ending question for me because I don’t have a time to go to bed. With my anxiety disorder I’m always up it cause me to never sleep so I rely on sleeping pills a lot but sometimes those don’t work or sometimes I just don’t take them and it’s up to my body when I’m tired and usually all stay up all night because I couldn’t sleep.
When did you last go shopping?

Two days ago I went grocery shopping I don’t know if that counts that’s not really fun but again I have to do that if I want food in this house lol!
Who was the last person you text?

My aunt, we talk a lot we are really close and we’re always like joking around they’re always sending funny pictures and the last thing she sent me was a llama and it was super cute and I loved it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, let me know in the comments down below what are your plans for this weekend! As always thank you for everything I love y’all so much and I’ll see you in the next post!



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