Eyebrow Mascara?

Its been a good while since I have done a review on my blog. So today I wanted to review something that I have been loving and been using for awhile and that is the Wet and Wild Ultimatebrow Mascara! So let’s get started!

I have eyebrows but because I’m so pale you cant see them! So I have been looking for something to color them with but I don’t want them to look fake or drawn on. I’ve tried a lot of stuff, some were really $$$ but then wet n wild came into my life! This was my whole makeup collont in middle and high school. it was cheap and good for someone who didn’t knows makeup. So I never really gave it a good chance because I thought it was cheap makeup. But I was wrong! Yes, its cheap money wise but I have a lot of there products because they are amazing! But for today I’m only talking about my eyebrows!

I love how its a mascara so it gets on the hair and not the skin giving it a more nature look. It comes in 3 colors blond, Auburn, and brunette. I use the brunette one and its great! You can mix the colors my sister does that because she wants a lighter brown. The cost is only $4.99 at Walgreens but at Walmart, I have seen it for only $3.00 so it’s still a great price. it lasts all day and yet still easy to get rid of with makeup remover! I think this is amazing and would recommend it to you guys!

I hope you guys enjoyed this reivew. I know its been awhile since i did one and want to start doing them again! Let me know in the comments down below, what other stuff do you want me to reivew! As always guys thank you for reading and I’ll see you inthe next post! ‘



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