What’s in my bag!

Happy Friday! For today’s blog post I decided to do a what’s in my bag post. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while but I didn’t know how to write it but I think I figured it out so let’s just get right into it.

Let’s start out with the bag I got it from Walmart for $29, and it was just a thing I was looking for. I wanted something like a book bag but I didn’t want a book bag if that makes sense. I wanted something that was big but not too big because I do carry a lot of stuff but it didn’t want it to feel like I was carrying a suitcase. I absolutely love this bag and they had a many different colors and stuff but I decided to go with flowers because it’s spring.

In the front pocket the tiniest pocket I keep a whole lot of pens of different colors in there and some pencils and my favorite lip balm which is the new clear EOS lip balm my favorite. It smells like Skittles LOL. And then I keep my wallet in there and I’ve had the wallet for like a year and a half now and I got it at Target for like I think $14. It’s really big and I love it.

Then in the next pocket this one mostly stays empty the only thing I have in it is my planner I have a planner that stays on my desk and then I won that goes with me so that way I always have such a planner to know what I’m doing and if I make plans on the spot I can put it down on there. This is on sale for $4.99 at Walgreens it’s just a pink striped one love it it’s really cute and if it’s the bag.

Then in the next and last pouch this is why I keep everything! For starters I keep snacks in this pocket because you never know when you get hungry. Right now I have a Nature Valley bar which is the almond butter layer nut bar really good and I also the peanut butter one of these that my favorite bars to keep my bag because it’s one a little bit healthier than candy. Next step I usually have a drink and here like a Powerade or Gatorade. I get thirsty really easily and it’s good to have one of those in my bag. And then next I have two zipper pouches in here. The biggest one is a black one and then here I keep whatever I think I will need to being a girl. I have pads tampons deodorant pain medication hair ties bobby pins leaving conditioner you name it. I also have this thing I got for my Birchbox and it’s an undue volume Matt texture spray and I love this thing so much. It just makes my hair look clean and nice when I’ve been sweating and takes away the grease for my hair. And then in the other pouch, I have some matte lipsticks in here to reapply and some lip balm and lotion and then just some stuff for my jaw pain that’s caused by Bell’s palsy. I would also have in here a portable phone charger but I currently am charging that as of doing this post so it’s not in the photo.

And that is about it for this what’s in my bag post. I hope you guys enjoyed it was really fun to do let me know in the comments down below what is something you always have in your bag. As always guys thank you for everything you do I love you so much and can’t wait to see you in the next blog!



5 thoughts on “What’s in my bag!

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