Hey guys I am sorry that there is no actual planned post today. I’m just tired. I’m always tired. I do so much I get no time for myself no sick days no nothing and lately that has just made me feel so tired. Some days I’m lucky and I get 5 to 8 hours of sleep. But most days I get if I’m lucky then 3 hours of sleep. Because of the that I haven’t had a lot of time to sit and write. I have so many blog post that I have started but just haven’t had time to finish or once I just take up a lot of my time and I wanted to be perfect I don’t want to post something unless I know it’s amazing quality and everything I wanted to say it has been said. So the whole point of this post was just to say that I am taking a mental health day today (monday) so that way I can just lay in bed and do absolutely nothing because that’s what I need right now. And if you need a mental health day month year whatever take it. I’m a huge advocate for taking mental health days because everyone needs one now and then. It is good to just get a reset a clear mind catch up on either sleep or stuff you have to get done and and hope so just decluttering all the stress you have. In high school I had a mental health day once a month just from all the stress of school and and still figuring out my anxiety disorder I needed it so if you need one take one if someone judges you for them tell them to fuck off I’ve had so many people say that that’s a dumb idea and you just making up an excuse to have a day for yourself and that technically is true that I am making a day for myself because it’s important to put yourself first and then is something I always forget.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I promise I will be back Wednesday with my April break down and then on Friday with my met goals. In the comments down below let me know do you take a mental health day every once in awhile? As always thank you guys for everything I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you in the next post.

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