April breakdown💐

April is officially over. For some reason April was a very long month for me a lot of stuff had to get done at a lot to do people to see places to go it was a busy one. So let’s break it down and see what happened in the month of April.

Me and April!

Like I said I had a lot to do in April started out busy. April 1st was Easter and I was busy that day. I had Church super early in the morning because then I had lunch with some friends and then dinner at my grandma’s house which was just a chaotic day but it was really fun. If you want to learn more about what I did on Easter I will leave the blog post here for you to read. And then just threw out April I was catching up on stuff that needed to be done I did a spring cleaning which was a mess. I had a lot but I just needed to clean and put stuff up and we finally got to decorating my apartment which I’ve been putting off for so long and I really don’t know why I’ve lived here for 3 years and haven’t hung anything in the living room area but we finally did that. I’ve been really good with my is my workout am I meditation. I’ve been really good with doing my yoga and making sure I get it done and just overall been really good. I’m also super proud of myself because I’ve been drinking so much more water. I’ve always had trouble with drinking water. I always want to go for like juice or soda or stuff like that and I’ve been really good with always having water with me so that way I’ll go for that instead of going for something unhealthy! I’ve been super proud of myself this month and hope to continue being good and doing all the stuff I need to do.

The blog and April.

I’ve been really good reply all game getting writing done and planning weeks in advance and it’s been really good. The only downside I’ve had this month as I’ve started so many blog post but just haven’t gotten around to finish them because I can’t find a way to finish them or I I’m having really bad writer’s block lately and that sucks because it’s just so many posts that I’m really wanting to get out to you guys but I don’t want to half-ass it and put up something that is not up to good quality.

Other than all that April’s been a really good month and I can’t wait to see you what may brings. Friday I will let you know my goals for me so stay tuned for that and let me know in the comments down below how was your April? As always guys thank you for everything you do I love you guys so much and I can’t wait to see you in the next post!



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