Let’s be lazy!

I love being lazy. Who doesn’t! But there are times ( like all the time) where I can’t be lazy I don’t have time. I’m always busy and never get any me days. But this week I am dedicating my blog to being lazy. All the post this week has something to do with being lazy and starting with today this post is just going to be a a rant I guess about how I wish I had more lazy days.

I don’t get any sick days no me days no nothing I’m always busy. I tried to get out of something and somehow I still get sucked back into it. No matter how much sleep I got no matter how I’m feeling it doesn’t matter I’m still busy. That can take a toll on someone. Some days you just need to say no to people and if they try to deny that no then their shit out of luck. I’ve been trying so hard to just say no to people because I can’t keep doing this. It’s okay to be lazy it’s okay to have your time. I know I need a mental health day at least once a week with all I do. And that’s okay I know when I tell people I’m having a me day these call me lazy and unproductive and they make fun of me for it I know I always get something for my sister when I tell her that I having a lazy day today she goes you should be doing something you should always be doing something and shit like that and that makes me so mad. They don’t see all the other stuff I do the constant moving the constant doing something they only see the days when I decide to do nothing and they never let that go. And that sucks. I hope that made sense now that I’m reading it back I don’t know if it made sense but I also don’t know how to word it any better. So I’m sorry that didn’t make sense. But anyways I just I’ve had this on my mind for awhile and just felt like ranting and the best time to talk about the laziness is on lazy week.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post sorry if it was short and I’m sorry it was a ranti typos and it’s needed to get that off my mind. Stay tune for the rest of lazy week on As told by Allie, there are going to be a go getters guide to being lazy and a lazy lookbook so stay tuned for those and in the comments down below let me know what is your go-to thing to do with your lazy! As always thank you for everything you guys do, love you guys, and I see you in the next post.



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