Go Getters Guide to being Lazy

Happy Friday or now Saturday! (sorry I couldn’t get this up by Friday!) Today is his last day of lazy week and so for the final blog post I decided to do a go getters guide to how I do lazy! So let’s get started!

Rule #1- The perfect outfit is key!

You need the perfect lazy day outfit and for me that can be many different things. If I’m at home and not going anywhere are usually go for a PJ shorts but if I have to wear pants or go out or someone’s coming over that I did a whole blog posts on that Wednesday so go check it out (here)

Rule #2- Do whatever you want to do!

It’s your lazy day if you want to lay on the couch all day then do it! If you want to get stuff done for your lazy day then do that! It’s your lazy day so you do you!

Rule #3- Don’t let anyone ruin your lazy day!

If someone try to ruin your day then you ignore them and have a lazy day without any negative Nancy’s!

Rule #4- You need the perfect lazy day food!

I’m lazy Days calories don’t count. So eat your heart out and have the things you want if that means eating healthy at the name it healthy if you want to have a day of eating unhealthy and eat unhealthy just enjoy your day!

Rule #5- This is your day!

Do whatever you want to do, eat whatever you want to eat, and I have who everyone around you on your lazy day. I feel he needs a lazy day once in awhile to regroup and gather yourself from a busy week, month, year whatever you need it. So enjoy it and take as many of these days we’ll see you need I know I do.

I hope you guys enjoy this post! I’m sorry I couldn’t get out on Friday I just been dealing this stuff and that has made it hard to focus on writing so thank you guys for everything you do let me know in the comments down below your go to Lazy thing. As always guys I love you and I’ll see you in the next post!



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