A talkative post

Hey guys I hope you guys had a fantastic Mother’s Day. I spent it with my Grandma at her house at family dinner and it was really fun we played Skip Bo which is a card game that our family loves. But that being said today’s blog post is just me talking I have a lot on my mind and some changes that are coming to the blog that I just kind of wanted to talk and let you guys know what was going on so let’s get started.

The big thing that is going to be happening with the blonde is I’m not going to really have a schedule. Lately I’ve been having trouble getting blog post done on time because I see that the time is getting closer and closer in that starts to stress me out and I get writers block and then nothing happens. And that’s been stressing me out so I decided that I’m not going to have a set day for Ibaka’s but yet you will still get three blog post to 4 maybe a week. I hope that’s okay with you guys but I think this will work better for me so that way I’m not stressing to get it out on time and it just happens because I want all my post to be good quality and be something I want to put out for you guys and not someone that was rushed. I also want to get you guys more involved with my post. I want to know what you guys want me to write about what you guys want me to review what you guys want me to do. So you are always welcome to go now, Stabilo and tell me what you want me to do or follow me on Twitter and Instagram and message me on there they’re both @allyvkat and let me know because I want to do stuff that you guys want to see.

Another thing that has been happening is I have been feeling shitty lately I have just been tired all the time and having no energy and I’m just trying to get things done throughout the day. I feel like I’m dragging myself but every little thing that I do. I really just need to take more me days and tell people know that I need to focus on myself and try to get some sleep. I don’t know if you guys have any suggestions on how to help my tiredness let me know. And also I’ve just been stressed about stuff it’s just been a lot of little things happening that keep adding up to big things happening and if that even make sense. I try not to stress about it. That makes me stress about it more and I just I don’t know. But I will say I’m super happy because I got a new camera like a legit camera and a legit tripod to take photos for my blog that the more high quality and it just makes me happy because I want to take stuff like this I’m trying to invest into my blog but I will say lately I don’t know if this is like wrong to say I guess. But I feel like I’m not getting any attraction or like traffic to my blog I guess. I don’t know I just assumed I just paid my stressing at me just overthinking everything, but I have 120 followers on my blog not me bragging by the way or anywhere like that. But yet I get five feels average daily on my block I don’t know I feel like I’m not doing enough I feel like I’m not doing anything good. I don’t know again that’s probably just me overthinking but let me know in the comments down below what you think and if you have any advice I will love that.

I think I talked enough for this blog post I hope you guys enjoy them sorry if it’s very long. Let me know in the comments down below how your mother’s day was and if you have any advice on anything that I’ve said today. As always guys thank you for everything you do I love you guys so much and I can’t wait to see you the next!



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