You Ask, I Answer! Part 100000

Hey, guys welcome back to my blog! For the day’s post I decided to do another you ask I answer but I don’t remember what number we’re on for this so I kind of just put a random number! So let’s just jump right into the questions!
Where’s your favorite place to get take away or delivery from?
There is a pizza place near my apartment that just has the best pizza ever. It’s affordable but huge and it’s just amazing. Plus their mascot is a cat on pizza so they get my win.
What’s your favorite quote from a movie?
I don’t technically the this considers being a quote, but this is something that I’ve lived by for so long. It’s the sun will come out tomorrow. If you don’t know what that is that is a song from Annie and that just relates to me so much because one day could be so shitty but I just tell myself that the next day will be better because of sun will be out.
What’s your “go to” joke?
Okay see you guys may think this is being mean , but me and my sisters all like have this joke with each other that they make fun of me because I have no eyebrows and I make fun of my older sister cause she’s short and I make fun of my little sister cause she has no top lip. But we do it all together it’s all in fun they all know that I’m not bullying them and they’re not bullying me.
What’s the (funniest / most disappointing / weirdest / etc.) text you’ve gotten?
The funniest text I’ve ever gotten was from I think it was my older sister, she is always misspelling stuff and so she’ll be trying to tell me something serious but every other word is misspelled and it’s just always funny to read. I think the most disappointing text I got from my dad I asked him if we could have pizza for dinner so they want to cook and he said no he didn’t want pizza I cried!
What is the most interesting thing you have on you or near you right now?
Right now is currently 2:30 in the morning and I have my dog in my lap and I am rocking her to sleep. She is not feeling good and she gets really bad panic attacks and so I hold her and rock her and she slowly falls asleep but it makes her feel better.
What app on your phone do you think I should get?
I am thinking about doing a blog post on this again I did one before I talked about my favorite workout apps but I think I want to do one on my favorite apps so let me know in the comments down below.
What’s the funniest picture you have on your phone?

So this photo was taken I think I want to say I was like 7 maybe I was younger. I am the one in a long-sleeve red shirt with creepy Shrek holding my shoulder. It was around Christmas time and we went to visit my mom at her job and we were with my aunt and my cousins. And then after we went to visit my mom and her job we went and ran some errands with my aunt and we stopped by a mattress place and these guys were outside cause they were having like some event it was fucking creepy! But child me was all up for it!
Are you more of an indoors or outdoors person?
I love the outdoors, I love doing anything outdors even going for a nice walk but I live in Florida and humidity is a big factor for me and my allergies so I’m not always Outdoors. Plus it rains at random times like you’ll be sunny you blink for one second and Boom storming. But I try to get outside as much as I can!
What are some movies you really enjoyed?
This is a question for you guys I’ve never been into movies and I want to know if there are any good movies that you guys have seen that I should watch. I will say to just recently watched the greatest showman and I left the music but I thought the story was a little Giver take if that makes sense. But let me know in the comments down below if you have any good movies I should watch.
What pets have you had?

I have my cat’s named Cow that I’ve had like 6 years I think. and then I have my doggo named Trisha who I’ve had for seven years. She is a lab mixed apparently but we don’t know what because she is so tiny and short that we think she’s mixed with a shorter dog. And my little sister’s birthday is coming up she will be 17 and we are considering getting a dog for her so maybe another dog soon.
What’s your favorite international food?
I love orange chicken I’m always getting it. But I like it with yellow rice and I get made fun of for that because it’s weird. I’m always making it homemade because I don’t think anybody stuff at.
What are you kind of obsessed with these days?
I’ve recently been obsessed with contradicting myself way too much LOL not really but I have been in to dresses lately, which is rare for me. Like I said it’s hot here in Florida and as a big girl shorts have never been an option for me so I’ve been looking for some casual dresses to wear if it’s really hot and I do want to put on pants and I’ve actually found some really good ones that I just put on and leave.
Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I am 100% a night person. I wish I could be a morning person and I feel like every night person says that. But with my sleeping schedule, I’m more of a night person.
I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post it was fun to do, let me know in the comments down below and good movie suggestions cause I am looking for something to watch over the weekend. As always thank you for everything you do, I love you guys, and I will see you in the next!

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