My chronic pain story

Hey guys I hope you are having a fantastic Monday. Wednesday I did a post on my Bell’s Palsy that I had and I talked about how it led to me having chronic pain and so today I I will be talking about my chronic pain and what it’s like. So let’s get started

I guess the main thing about it is that it just happens there are stuff that can trigger it but you never really know when it’s going to happen and that is probably the worst part of it. I could be in the middle of grocery shopping and I can hit me I could be driving and I would have to pull over because of it cuz I can’t drive like that. I just never know when and how it’s going to happen. For that being said what really triggers it is a lot of things. Because it is nerve chronic pain anything can really trigger it. I can have just the normal headache and that could trigger it, I have really bad allergies so allergies has been a big factor for it. Even just like a simple water in the ear can cause it. With it being so anything can trigger it’s thing I am always careful I’m always taking pain pills at the side of a little headache because I don’t want it to happen. And when it happens I’m done.

Nose different levels I guess of the pain. All of it hurts and all that is bad but some are worse than others. So I have like my level one which is where it’s bad but I can still do stuff I can so clean I can still do school work I can work I can do anything. Going to have my level 2 witches I can do stuff I’m choosing not to and I’m usually hiding in my bed. And then you have the worst one and I am dead. I don’t do anything I am crying I am wishing the pain to go away and I am just trying to not focus on it. No matter what I’m always on pain pills though. And I have been prescribed some of the good pain pills so I’m usually passed out I am trying to get sleep. But no matter what I just you have a heating pad or an ice pack on my face and I am most always crying. I wish I knew how to help this I wish I knew how to get rid of this but I don’t have gone to doctors and they have all told me the same thing that it’s something to do with my nerves obviously from all the Bell palsy and they can’t do much until the nerves heal on that side of the face and until then they try different stuff different pain pills different face therapies and different methods of stuff sitting some work some don’t. Nothing ever always takes away the pain but some have helped me to come down and get comfortable I guess to try to sleep it off. But like I said nothing nothing helps.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post I’m sorry it’s kind of like a Debbie Downer but I wanted to talk about my chronic pain and hopes of telling you guys are never going through it alone I have and it sucks but I’m here for you guys it’s so just know that and that it may hurt now and you may be in pain now but it will always go away and you will feel better. As always guys thank you for everything you do, I love you so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!



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