I just need to rant..

Hey, guys, I know the June goals are supposed to be up today but some stuff has happened that I just need to rant! I promise Friday the June goals will be up! So let’s just jump into my long rant!
My dad got fried again! Yeah, so he has been fighting with his job because they screwed him over again and they want to blame him and he’s just done fighting with them! He is now working with some people to try to get back pay for the time they “suspended him” Because that was bullshit and he doesn’t care about getting his job back because they really want him gone and they will do anything to get rid of him. So now the stress of money comes in to play. We do have a plane laid out and stuff like that but it’s still a stressful thing and I’m always worrying about everything and I don’t know. I wish I could solve all the problems we have and I wish I could take away all the stress that I and my dad has but I know I cant. I’m the type of person that when a problem happens I have to figure it all out and just want it done with right away (if that makes sense) I just don’t know. Then my apartment rise are rent by $70 without telling! I wouldn’t mind paying but they don’t do shit! Are smoke detectors have been randomly going off sometimes. We can never get them to be quiet we’ve tried everything and nothing works. We had called our maintenance line so many times about it and nothing’s been done. And then the fire alarm panel box thing whatever it’s called is outside our building and that has been beeping since the last Friday almost a week and a half. It’s not like a super loud beep but it’s still annoying and it still bothers me that nothing has been done about it up until today. The security people for it came out and they said that they were just called out today and that this was the first time they have heard a complaint about it. That pissed me off like it’s not their fault it’s the apartment people for not calling it to them a week and a half ago. I just kinda want to just yell sometimes! lol…

I’m sorry that this was a rant post I just needed to rant to feel better I guess. I understand if you don’t like this post. I promise Friday my June goals will be out so stay tuned for that! As always guys thank you for everything, I love you guys, and I’ll see you in the next post!


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