How Well Do I Know my Dad!

Happy fathers day! Today I wanted to do a How Well Do I Know my Dad to show some love for him! So let’s get started!
1. When is your dad’s birthday?
July 21st! I only know that because my uncles is the 20th!
2. What is your dad’s favorite color?
Blue! He’s always loved blue but he’s also color blind and one time we did a party for him and I worked so hard to make sure it was all blue, he came in and asked why everything was grey!
3. What was your dad’s high school mascot?
The bulldogs! I know that because he has a bulldog on his wall from high school!
4. What is your dad’s favorite food?
His favorite meal is sloppy joes, but his favorite food would have to be Pizza or hamburgers!
5. Which would your dad prefer NOT to do? a) Yardwork b) Laundry c) Car Maintenance
Yard work because its way to hot and that’s not good for him and laundry because I already do his and its much faster that way!
6. If your dad could do anything he wanted for 3 hours, what would it be?
Sleep, Eat whatever he wanted, go to the zoo (he is always taking me and my sisters there and we still love it!)
7. If your dad were to pick a vacation, which would he prefer? a) Luxury Resort b) Mountain Cabin c) Stay-cation {vacation at home} d) International Travel
A Stay-cationHes never been one to go all out for a vacation!
8. Where did your parents meet, and how?

I love the story on how my parents met. My mom was working at a mental hospital and my dad was a delivery driver for heavy equipment at the time. He was delivering some Machinery to the hospital and he saw my mom. He was terrified the doctors so his friend actually went up and got my mom’s number for him. I just love that story because it’s literally mean when it comes to guys I will not go up and talk to them because I’m beyond nervous.
9. Which of these does your dad prefer to watch? a) Basketball b) Football c) Soccer d) Golf e) Baseball
None of these! My dad isn’t a sport person but the only thing he will watch with me is hockey! Me and my older sister loves Hockey
10. What is your dad’s biggest pet peeve {something he dislikes}?
People who cant drive! I don’t blame him!
11. What is your dad’s favorite TV show?
Anything cartoons and COPS!
12. What is your dad’s favorite dessert?
13. Name 3 adjectives to describe your dad…
Tall, Funny, amazing!
14. How are you like your dad?
I have his sense of humor and his love for random facts!
15. What is your dad’s favorite drink?
Milk! He’s always drinking milk!
16. Is your dad a morning or a night person?
100% A night person! I get that from him!
17. What is your dad good at?
Being my dad! I just love him so much and love how he is always there for me no matter what! He knows when I’m not feeling well and knows how to make me smile!
I hope you guys enjoyed this How Well Do I Know my Dad tag! Let me know in the comments down below, what did you do for fathers day! As always guys, I love you and I’ll see you in the next post!
Xoxo, Allie!

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