This or That Summer!

It’s summer time That means pool parties, beaches and, sunburns! So today I decided to do a summer tag!  So lets get started!

1. Ocean or Pool

I love swimming in the ocean! I love feeling the waves and then sun on me its amazing!

2. Beach Vacation or Wilderness

Beach Vacation! Don’t get me wrong, I love the wilderness but I love the beach and I love the ocean! 

3. Watermelon or Strawberries

Neither, I love Canolope!

4. Bikini or 1-piece

I wear bikinis! I never thought I would ever be confident wearing a bikini but I am and i love how sexy I feel in one!

5. Lemonade or Iced Tea

I not a fan of either! Lemonade is to sweet for me and Ice tea is to blan for me! I know I’m weird!

6. Hotdogs…grilled or over a fire

Both! I’m not much of a hot dog person but when i eat one, I really dont care how its cooked!

7. Hat or Sunglasses

Sunglasses! I cant leave home without a pair!

8. Windows Down or AC all the way

Ac all the way! It’s to hot to not have the ac on!

9. Tanning Lotion or Sunscreen

Sunscreen! I don’t tan I only burn! I’m meant to be pale forever!

10. Baseball Game or Concert

Hockey game! I don’t like baseball and not much a concert goer!

11. Ice Cream or Popsicle

Ice cream! I love all flavors and can eat a tub if you leave it with me!

12. Fireworks or Fireflies

Both! I never get to see fireflies but i would love to!

13. Flip Flops or Bare Feet

Bare feet! I hate wearing shoes!

I hope you guys enjoyed this summer tag! Let me know in the comments down below, What are your plans for the summer! As always Thank you for everything, I love yall so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!

Xoxo, Allie!

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