Go Getters Guide to Stressing over everything!

I am in over stressor. I stress over everything and have a panic attack over nothing. But sometimes it’s good to just sit back and laugh about the times you’ve over stressed over something dumb. Or overthink something that wasn’t supposed to be everything. So today I decided to do a go-getter guide to stressing over everything. So let’s get started.

Rule #1- overthink everything.

It may be very simple literally it could be the easiest thing you ever had to do. But yet you’re going to overthink it and think everything you’re doing is wrong, or that you have to start all over and redo it all. That’s you overthinking it!

Rule #2- panic over everything.

I panic over everything. I will just be sitting there and then boom it hits you like a like I don’t know like a panic attack… lol. Nothing can cause it and I never know what to do sometimes!

Rule #3- stressed out over everything

Stressing out is one of the many talents that I’m really good at. I can stress out over nothing I can stress over everything I can stress over me not sleeping enough to me sleeping too much. I just stress a lot. I think I said stress too much do you guys think so? Lol

Rule #4- you don’t get no sleep

You don’t get time to sleep because of you too busy overthinking, having panic attacks, and stressing out over nothing. You’ll sleep during the day mostly or if you do sleep during the night you’re lucky but you will wake up in the middle of the night and all the stress will hit you hard.

Rule #5- it’s okay

I can joke about all this now but this is stuff I deal with every day. I get the constant panic attacks and stressing and overthinking everything. It’s not fun but trying to joke about it helps me to kind of deal with it I guess. But know if you’re dealing with all this you’re not alone you can always talk to me. Especially my anxiety disorder I know about all this because I deal with it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments down below do you deal with any of these? As always thank you guys for everything you too, I love you so much, and I can’t wait to see you guys in the next post.

Xoxo, Allie

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