Go getters guide to being sick

I hate being sick! I know I’m not the only one but when I’m sick I make it into a week of me time! I’m always on the go, I don’t get any sick days from “real life” so if I do become sick I have to milk all I can out of it to not having to do anything! So if you’re like me and you are to busy to be sick here is the go-getter’s guide to being sick!

Rule #1- Lay in bed as long as you want!

Now I know what your thinking, how can I get shit done while laying in bed?? Well, do what I’ve been doing! I’ve been living in bed because I’ve been sick!  I’ve written blog posts in bed, I’ve done school work in bed, I even told my ex off in bed because I’m to sick to argue with him!

Rule #2- Don’t take shit from anyone because you’re to sick to care!
I’m the type of person that if they give me an excuse for something I just say ok and then ill end up doing it. (I know I know that not good!!) But when I’m sick I don’t know what it is I just snap and they try to give me a reason for not doing something I don’t listen and I make sure they do it because I’m sick and tired and don’t feel like doing it!

Rule #3- Don’t worry about working out!
Now I’ve been really good with my new workout routine But while I was sick I just couldn’t get out of being!! So if your sick don’t worry about working out! But I will say when I did have some energy I will recommend some simple yoga! It felt amazing!

Rule #4- Hot showers are your friend!!
True story I just stood in a very hot shower for 20 minutes doing nothing and it was amazing!! I was able to breathe!! Just try it if your sick and can’t breathe! it does wonders!

Rule #5- Do you!
When you’re sick you know your limits! If you need to take a week, month, a year off then do it! If working out helps then work out! Just make sure you see a doctor and that you are taking the medicine you need! At the end of the day, it’s your body so just listen to it!

I hope you guys like this Go-getters guide to being sick! I’m still getting out my sickens and have just been relaxing! In the comments down below what is something, you do when you are sick! As always guys I love you, and I’ll see you in the next post!!

Xoxo Allie

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