My Summer Essentials

I’m back!!! I know I’ve been Mia for about 2ish weeks but I’m happy to be back! I need some time to rethink and reset myself and I just need time to breathe. But I’m feeling better and I’m ready to get back to blogging! So today I’m doing a summer essential must have thing lol! So let’s get started!
Product #1- Simple cleansing wipes!

I’ve been on the hunt for a good makeup remover cleansing wipes for a long time. And I would find one that works really well and then like 2 weeks after using it’ll start irritating my skin. And that’s always been my problem. And then I found simple. It is amazing. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it doesn’t irritate my skin and it removes even waterproof makeup. It’s great for all skin types and I really do love it. Even if I don’t have makeup on my face feels dirty feels slimy so I will wipe my face off and go to bed! One wipe and feel refreshed!
Product #2- Coppertone sport after sun Moisturizer

I’ve always had dry skin. And living in Florida it’s 50% sun 50% rain so during the Sun-Times my skin is extra dry because of it. So I’ve been using this for about a year especially in the summertime when I’m outside. It helps to lock in the moisture and helps refresh my skin when it’s really dry. I will ever wear it under my makeup too! I highly highly recommend this product for people who are like maybe dry skin and you’re going to be out in the sun a lot. It does wonders for me.
Product #3- Deodorant

This is kind of obvious, any kind of deodorant is a summer must for me because again it is hot and you will sweat. For me the one I have right now is dove but in reality, I buy a lot of different deodorants and I think they all work pretty good. But I would love to know your opinion on do you prefer the stick or the spray deodorant better I’ve always wanted to try the spray but I didn’t think it would work as well. Let me know.

Product #4- in the sun perfume

Now I bought this back in like June of last year. But it’s recently become one of my favorites. They have in the sun collection and an at the beach collection I really like the sun one! It kind of smells like the perfume white diamond if you know that one. My mom always got for Christmas as a child and I would like to steal it and use it. But it’s really good I absolutely love it it’s so if they still have it go get it.
Product #5- l’oreal air dry it spray!

I talked about this product many times before and I am still using it today. I don’t blow dry my hair never have I don’t hate it I just don’t have time for it especially because I shower at night anyways before I go to bed so I never seen the purpose of blow drying my hair. But because I air-dry it I saw this about a year-and-a-half ago and decided to try it and I am in love. It helps with the frizz in my hair gives little waved I just can’t say enough good things about it so if you air dry your hair I recommend this.
Product #6 – Aussie Hair Insurance!

So I have a whole shower routine that usually consists of using two conditioners one stays in my hair for 5 minutes the other one doesn’t it makes my hair great but let’s be honest I don’t have time for that all the time sometimes I just want to get in the shower so I can go to bed. That’s where I this leave-in conditioner comes in. I’ve never found one that I really love until this one and makes my hair soft and it didn’t take long to put in either. One of my favorite leave-in conditioners
I hope you guys like this summer Essentials list Thang As always make sure you like and follow to get more stuff like this and let me know the comments down below what is some of your summer essentials? Thank you guys for everything you do I’m glad to be back and I love you guys so much and I’ll see you in the next post.
Xoxo Allieđź’‹

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