A day in the life of Me!

Hey guys. For today’s post, I’m doing a day in the life of me! I love seeing these videos and post the time. So I decided to do one. So let’s get started.

Wake up- 10ish

So I wake around this time but it can always vary. Because of my anxiety disorder, I have trouble sleeping. There are some days where I won’t fall asleep until 10am and some days I go to bed at a normal time.

Cleaning time.

So when I wake up I go straight into cleaning mode. I do dishes from the night before and clean up whatever my sister has messed up while I was sleeping and do the things that needed to be done yesterday lol.

Yoga/working out.

After my cleaning is done it’s time for me to workout. I try to do this every day but sometimes I don’t. It always varies to what I feel like doing. Some days it’s yoga some I do a workout of some sort. Then I take a shower.


About this time it’s almost 1 or 2 and everyone else is now up so I make lunch. Then I eat it lol.

Work and school

Most time after lunch I get work done. I’m answering emails and writing posts. I also at this time get schools then. I’m currently enrolled in online college in taking classes and English and I am taking a business class.

More cleaning

After work and everything, I do more cleaning. This is usually cleaning up the mess from lunch and whatever it gets messed up during the day.

Then me time

And then the rest of the day it’s usually for me. I’ll cook dinner and watch Netflix YouTuber movie or really anything. And this time I can also read or I’ll write some more for the blind there’s usually no schedule for the day it’s just whatever I like to do.


I try to aim for my bedtime midnight like I need to be asleep by midnight but sometimes that’s just not the case. Like I said before because of my anxiety I sometimes can’t sleep at all. And I’ll stay up for 24 hours or I will go to bed early it’s there’s really no telling. But I will lay down and wine down was some TV and then I will hopefully pass out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this day in the life of me. I really want to do this cuz I watch these videos all the time on YouTube and I read a lot of blog post on stuff like this and I decided that would be a good time to let you guys into my life and see what I do basically every day. The only day this wouldn’t really go for it Sunday because I have a whole different schedule because we have family dinner every Sunday so let me know the sound below if you want to see what my day is like on a Sunday. As always thank you guys for everything you do, I love you so much, and I’ll see you in the next best.

Xoxo Allie 💋

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