September Q & A

Hey guys! Happy fun friday!! For today’s post I decided to do a monthly Q and A! So let’s get started!

1. How do you handle writers block?

This is a tough one! It all depends on the situation most times I try not to force myself to get a post done because I would only create a bigger writer’s blog. So I would walk away from it go do something else and then come back to it at a later time.

2. Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

I usually spend my weekend catching up on everything that I couldn’t do during the week. I also make sure to get post done for the following week. But my favorite thing I get to do is sleep all day. Well not really all day but I got to sleep in a little bit.

3. How was packing up your whole kitchen going?

Well, it had to get postponed a week. If you do not follow me on Instagram I had to pack up my whole kitchen so the people at my apartment can come and fix the countertop in the kitchen. But it had to get postponed because I I am not feeling good and I just couldn’t get everything done in time for them but they were very understandable and they’re coming back next Wednesday.

4. Are you going to ever dye your hair again?

I would like to but not anytime soon. I ended up going back to my dark brown because I just wanted to give my hair some time to heal and I don’t want to kill it. So maybe at some point I might but I don’t know what color I would do. I always loved my red hair but that was a really hard color to maintain so who knows.

5. Best tip for a new blogger?

My number one tap that I tell new bloggers is to not overwhelm yourself at the beginning. I started off right off the bat doing a blog post every single day and I got warned out so fast in the first month. So don’t push yourself to do so much at the beginning.

6. How’s the weather like in Florida?

It’s so hot. Yesterday it was 98 but it felt like 101 because of the humidity. And it still raining because it’s still a rainy season but did it said will start be getting cooler weather so like the seven days hopefully on October 16th. So I’m excited.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post let me know in the comments down below would you like to see more of these monthly Q and A’s? Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram but you can ask me questions for the next Q&A. @allyvkat As always I love you guys so much thank you for everything you do and I’ll see you in the next post!

Xoxo Allieđź’‹

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