September Breakdown

A new month brings a new breakdown so let’s jump right into it.

September overall wasn’t that bad. I will say I’ve had some stressful moments but overall August was just so much worse. I have been noticing my stress has been making me just exhausted all the time. And so I’ve been trying to work on that but I will say I’ve been pretty good my working out my meditation and my water. Though I may have been slacking on the water part LOL. I’ve been really good at blocking. What I’ve been doing is I’ve been setting an hour and in that way I have to sit down and get work done nothing else. And they do that a few times throughout the day. And that has helped just click it work done whether it’s for the blog over stuff that I need to get done will email some stuff. So that is a good thing in my book. I’ve started a new thing on my blog with a monthly Q&A and I like it because I can interact with you guys. You guys can ask me questions on anything and I answer them. So I love that. Overall this month wasn’t bad.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post let me know in the comments down below how was you’re September, what did you do? As always thank you for everything you guys do I love you guys so much and I’ll see you in the next post.

Xoxo Allie💋

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