My birchbox haul

I love birchbox!! I’ve been a member of the monthly subscription for almost a year and a half. If you don’t know what it is it is a $10 monthly box, and if you will get about five to six items it varies and they’re all like Health, beauty, hair, and skin related beauty products. I love it because you get high-end products that are really expensive and it helps me to find out what products I like because I am not a makeup skin person or anything like that at all. On some occasions I do end up buying some of the full-size stuff that I get in my box will like today. I’m going to be showing you what I recently just bought from Birchbox.


So the first thing that I got was this lip gloss it is see Kitty Disco gloss I got this an example of a few months ago and I gave it to my sister because I am not a little close person and it’s great but once you put it on it turns to this pinky bread there’s actually really pretty on her. So I ended up giving to her and she wanted the full size is only $10 which isn’t too bad so I ended up surprising her with it.

The next thing that I got is for me and it is a daily concept your face micro scrubber. I love this thing! I end up getting this and like my first Birchbox and I’ve been buying it ever since. It is only $8 which is not bad for a face scrubber and you can use just water or you can use a cleanser or whatever and it just makes my face feel amazing. It comes with like a waterproof case in a suction cup so you just hang it in your shower and leave it there and I just love those.

The last product is another daily concept product but it’s their body scrubber. I’ve never tried this one but a lot of people have recommended to me since I love the facial one so I’m excited to try it. A lot of people have said really good things about it and they said you can use it with soap or I can which is water so I’m excited to try and I’ll give you guys a review on it later.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post I just wanted to say I’m not sponsored by Birchbox I paid for everything here I always paid for my subscriptions and everything I just wanted to show you guys some stuff that I got in my favorite products from them. Let me know what comes down below have you tried Birchbox before and do you want to see more Birchbox related things? As always thank you for everything you do I love you guys so much and I’ll see you in the next post!

Xoxo Allie 💋

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