My Birthday Dinner!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I kind of wanted to do a story time and tell you guys how my Sunday dinner was. So let’s get started.

The day started out normal obviously I was told that I was not allowed to be there until 5 so I left the house one for it because it takes about 40 minutes to get to my grandmother’s house. And when I showed up it was chaotic! But in a good way. When I got there the instantly drive me outside to take photos. They got these giant 21 balloons and they wanted me to take photos with them and Mrs. Janet. If you don’t know who she is I’ve talked about her before her son is special needs and they have become part of our family basically. Her birthday is a few days after mine so we celebrate with her. Send me her two pictures together and with the family and everybody. I got a hat and a little ribbon the clip on my dress. And it was amazing. For dinner, we had pizza because that’s all I need in my life. And then it was present time.

First up what my grandmother got me. She got me two shirts that I love she’s always one of those amazing shoppers who always gets you the good stuff. And then Mrs. Janet got me a whole bunch of like lotions and soaps and stuff that her son picked out who love smelling stuff like that. That was super amazing. And then my sister and her boyfriend. I love the card that got me. I always used to draw squirrels like this and hang them all over her room and I still do that so she took one and put it on my birthday card. It was amazing I kind of cried.

 And then they got me some random stuff like cow mug because cows are one of my favorite animals and Oogie Boogie Man because he’s my favorite from The Nightmare Before Christmas. And then some nail polish and lip gloss and a candle. And then it was cake time she made a homemade chocolate cake and it was amazing. 


My sister sucks at cooking but when it comes to baking especially case she always is the best. So I was excited about that. And then we all laid on the couch watch Hotel Transylvania because that is a great movie and just talked. It was amazing to have them there in just to have everybody. I love my family and I couldn’t ask for a better day. It was hard because I miss my abuela this was my first birthday without her and it was hard but being with my family helped.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post thank you, everybody, for the birthday wishes on Twitter and Instagram and thank you for everything you guys do. Because of you, I’m getting to live my dream and I’m happy. As always I love you guys, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you guys in the next post!

Xoxo Allie💋🕸️

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