Queen V Unboxing!

Happy Wednesday everyone. Today I got something exciting for you guys. If you guys don’t know I’ve been very open I guess about health especially Women’s Health. And I’ve always talked about Summer’s Eve products they’re amazing but recently you guys have brought to my attention a company called Queen V and I’ve heard about them but I haven’t really looked into it up until a week ago. So today I’m going to unbox what I got from Queen V for you guys.

So what I ended up getting was the starter pack which was $40. It’s a kit that will help you get started on your health. So the first thing is DD probiotic it’s a daily dose vitamin to help you with your Queens health. Next is the V bar which is like a soap bar but it is rose water and aloe Infuse and helps level your pH balance and it’s formulated just for your queen V. Next is the spritzer and that is a also a pH balancing but it’s a deodorizing rosewater spray I have always wanted to try this becuase I keep one from Summer’s Eve in my gym bag and in my car because you never know when you need a little Sprint’s down there especially after working out. And last but not least you get a body wash that is cruelty free up some of your pH balance and is safe for all over your body.

Last think I got was Utmi this is a daily vitamin that has all natural sugar that has been studied for its ability to support a healthy urinary tract combined with cranberry to make it the ultimate UT support. So I’m excited to try these two seem like a good thing to have.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post I will be doing a review on all the products soon enough for you guys let me know in the comments down below do you want a review? As always I love you guys so much thank you for everything you do and I’ll see you in the next post!

Xoxo, Allie💋🕸️

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