Halloween Lookbook

Happy almost Halloween! Last year, I showed you guys how to make yourself look like a cat for Halloween only using the makeup that I had! This year I decided to show you how to make a deer! So let’s get started!

So my whole idea of when I think of a deer with these antlers flower crown thing I think of a majestic one. So that’s my theme. So for the base, you can do your normal makeup I did Foundation concealer highlighter and some Contour. And then I used my brown eyeliner felt pen to make my freckles pop. And then I did a little heart on my nose. And then I gave myself a winged eyeliner look and made my eyelashes look Majestic. And then I thought about doing French braid because that’s kind of majestic like but I did not have The Willpower to attempt to do that. But if you work at that you can do that. And then I put my antlers on and I am done. This is a simple costume. I simply do this because I take my sister trick-or-treating and it’s just a little something to do without going all out.

I hope you guys like this Halloween lookbook let me know in the comments down below what are you going to be for Halloween? As always guys thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!!

Xoxo Allie!🎃

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