The F Word

I get it that’s a lot of f-words out there that we don’t like saying but there’s one word in particular that people make it a big deal about. And that word is FAT!

Now look obviously I fall in that category I put the thing that bugs me so much is how bad of a rapid gets. I was born like this and I will say that this for probably all my life doesn’t mean I’m unhealthy. I work out everyday I drink plenty of water and sure sometimes I eat food that’s not healthy for me because what so does a lot of other people who aren’t fat. Few actually a few years ago if it bothered me I would say yes but now I learned to embrace it. Because I love my body and I know that I’m fat and if you want me to change then sucks to be you. I never asked you to love me or my body because I got enough love for that on my own but don’t beat up somebody if you don’t know what they’re going through you don’t know them you don’t know what they do on their own time. I’m a embrace it and in fact that some people don’t they may be self conscience they may not like their body so don’t judge them it only makes him feel worse. Keep it to yourself shut your mouth and move on. I know we’ll never really live in a world where everyone is accepted no matter what their body type is or who they love for their skin color but I know even the littlest compliment you give someone will make their day. So my challenge for you is just give someone you don’t know a compliment cuz I know for me the whole Elsa complement will make my year.

Hope you guys like this little ramp. I just get so fed up when someome who doesn’t know you judges you want something that they know nothing about. Anyways about these guys I love you so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post!


Allison Velia

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