Story Time: How my Thanksgiving Was!

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving or if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you had a wonderful week. Today I wanted to do a story time on how my Thanksgiving was so let’s get started.

It was amazing. I didn’t know how it was going to be because holidays like this are kind of anxiously for me. I love my family but on days like this I really just like to be by myself so when you have to be with your family and family members you haven’t seen in a while they’re going to ask questions about life and I really didn’t want to answer it, but this year is different. As always you’re going to my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving that was no different but I had a lot of fun with my sister’s because we got a long which is weird to begin with my aunt was there it was really nice to see her we all have a lot of fun when she’s there. And overall is just a fun time and I really enjoyed myself. After my grandma’s house we went to go eat my sister’s boyfriend’s family. Cameron has now become a part of our family he said when I can call you friend and he’s really fun to be around the only thing that still gets me is his last name is still the same as orbs. His family is a Womack we are a Womack it’s weird. But apparently on the first date they got a DNA tested and we’re not related but meeting his family was unexpected and it wasn’t planned so my anxiety was up all the way but that was okay because I had a great time. When we got there we ended up finding out that Sarah ended up having to leave because Taylor had a allergic reaction and was going to the hospital. You don’t know who Taylor is he is a special needs kid that my sister took care of him and his brother have become part of our family and told me that my face drop I thought it was a seizure or something but it was just allergic reaction he is doing much better. So we were left there Alana says family but they’re so sweet and so kind and I was just amazing. And then after that we left and good at home and I passed out. I was exhausted but it was an amazing day and I couldn’t be more thankful for my family and happier with how they turned out.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments down below what is one of your things you want to achieve before 2018 is over? As always guys I love you guys so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post!


Allison Velia

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