November Breakdown

It’s almost December guys. With November ending that means it’s time for another break down so let’s get started.

November was a pretty good month. A little stress here and there but it wasn’t bad overall. Thanksgiving was amazing did a blog post on that you can read about it here. And that was amazing I really didn’t have a problem with November. But with my workout routine that we have a problem with. This month I haven’t felt motivated to work out I think it did have a lot to do with stress but also with me and not getting enough sleep lately. So because of that I’m just tired throughout the day don’t care for working out. And it’s something I will be working on come December. But my drinking water and everything has been going great. And for the blog it’s been amazing. I’ve been motivated to just right and I’ve been organized I got my plan at this month and that’s been super helpful. I’ve cleaned out a whole month source of blog I know what I’m doing it’s so great to have this under control cuz that takes away from I’ve planned out a whole months or so blog I know what I’m doing it’s so great to have this under control because that takes away some of the stress that I deal with daily so I can focus on other things. After everything’s said and done November was a good month for me. Wasn’t perfect I still deal with stress everyday and we’ll keep dealing with that but I would say I survived November pretty good.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post let me know in the comments down below how your November was. That’s always guys I love you so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post!


Allison Velia

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