My Wish List Gift Guide 2018

My first gift guide of 2018! I can’t believe its that time again. For this year’s gift guide, I will be doing for them with the first being today’s. As you may have noticed the Savannah Sunday so this week’s post will not be on my normal days so make sure you follow me on Twitter to see when they will be posted. So let’s go ahead and get started, for this gift guide I’m going to be doing a wish list of stuff I would like to have or try! So let’s get started!!

I’ve been wanting this printer for a while. It is everything that I want in a printed


it copies, scans, and prints but it’s much smaller than a normal printer. I have a tiny desk and have a lot of stuff on my desk so I have no room for a big printer that’s why this one is perfect and at the price tag of $49.99 I think it’s the perfect printer. plus the colors it comes in is amazing!

Buy It Here!

I love my monitor to sit higher than my desk so it’s more eye level with me, to do


that I need a monitor stand and this one is amazing! I don’t have room on my desk for a lot so making my monitor stand a place where I can store things makes me happy! It comes in many kinds of wood and metals so You’ll find one to match your desk and it’s only $20!!

Buy It Here!

I wouldn’t say I have a certain brand I would want to use but I would love to do a


DNA kit of sorts. I’ve always been curious to be more informed about where my family comes from! I know I’m Cuban on my dad’s side but I want to know more about it and see more about my mom’s side. Right now 23andMe has a sale on Amazon that is only $139 plus I’ve heard a lot of good things about 23 and me but Like I said I don’t really have a favorite one!

For 23 and Me!


It’s time for me to have a desk. I’ve had the desk that I’ve been using for almost three years and it’s starting to show. I know I want an L shape Desk but those can be pricey so I went looking on amazing and found some cute ones!! Prices range from $200-$500 but I know you could have an amazing desk here!

My Favorite Desk!

I’ve had my eye on the subject for a while. I’ve always been an HP Windows girl


but then my sister got the new Chromebook I’ve kind of falling in love with it! I had to use it one day and I just loved how it worked and I use a lot of google stuff anyways so maybe soon I’ll switch to one! This one on Amazon is only $239.99 and that’s not bad for a 14 inch.

Buy It Here!

I need a new curling iron. Preferably a curling wand and I saw this one on


Amazon with different attachments and it’s like the perfect one for me. I only $47.99 this would be my first pick to try for a curling wand to try!

Buy It Here!


Since I saw the commercials about this and I look more into it I really want one.


Most likely I won’t ever get one just because it’s too expensive for me and only $300 but it would be something cool to have since I do use Facebook for communicating with my family I can now video chat with them while I’m making dinner, cleaning, and stuff like that! It just seems like a cool idea.

Buy It Here!

I hope you guys liked this Gift Guide! I’ll have 3 more coming out this week so stay tuned for that! Let me know in the comments down below, What is something that is on your wishlist? As always guys I love you so much, Thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post!

Allison Velia

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