Dog and Cat Lovers Gift Guide

Did you think I would leave out dogs and cats out of the gift guide this year? So for this gift guide, I am focusing on gifts for your dog or cat that I got off of chewy. I’m in no way sponsored by chewy not getting paid to say this I personally used to be to buy my dog food and cat food so I figured to look there to see so I guess for them. Let’s get started.


The first thing on my list is the Kong classic dog toy. This is a toy I have gotten my dog 53352_MAIN._AC_SS190_V1534449201_many times and it’s my go-to gift when I’m giving a gift to a friend who has a dog. If you haven’t heard of the story seen this toy it’s basically a rubber shape toy that you put peanut butter or treats in. And your dog goes crazy over. I didn’t know if they had six different sizes you can choose from are they go from extra small to a 2X and it’s only $12.99 for a large can’t go wrong with this.



downloadOkay so there were too many cute sweaters to pick from but I had to go with the falala llama dog and cat sweater. It is adorable and cute and the dog of a picture just makes me want to cry it’s so adorable. It comes in eight different sizes rating from an xx-small to xxx-large So I’m sure you can find your perfect size for your dog. With this cute little llama on it you can’t go wrong.



download (1)Who doesn’t have eggnog around this season? Well, you can get your dog it’s very own instant eggnog. The honest kitchen has made your own eggnog! Made with goat’s milk, honey, eggs, and cinnamon! All you have to do is add water and it’s the perfect liquid treat for your dog. At $8.81 for a 4-ounce jar and then this is the perfect gift for your dog.



download (3)If you have a cat that is scratching up your furniture I highly suggest a scratching post for that cat. This Frisco 48 inch cat tree is what I have for my cat and I love it. It has places for your cat to hide, scratch, and feel at home! It is the perfect gift for your cat. They also have been different sizes so if you want to get a bigger or smaller one to figure house I love this one for only $43



download (4)For my cat lovers out there this one is for you, The goody box holiday for cats is on sale for 50% off at chewy making nearly $9.95. And in this box you can amazing stuff for your cat like a calming collar which I’ve used on my cat to help with his anxiety and his behavioral problems you also get some good food and Treats in there like a triple layer turkey and pumpkin dinner for your cat and some calming Comfort spray thing for your guy that I loved so go check this!



152299_MAIN._AC_SL1500_V1539355636_The dingo holiday gift Box Munchie sticks are always in my dog stocking. You can 50 them for only $12.99 that’s pretty good. I absolutely love these streets in the packaging is kind of cute I won’t lie. These are a perfect stocking cause like I said for your dog or even just a gift on it down.




download (2)This one may be a little extreme but if you were like me I got my dog at our local Humane Society and when we got her we were told she was a lab mixed with a German Shepherd. At the time we saw that but now that she is full grown She is way too small to be a German Shepherd mixed with a lab. and we don’t see any German Shepherd in her so something like this a DNA kit would tell us what breed she is. It is pricey at $76.18 but It’s something I may consider getting in the future.


I hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide! Let me know in the comments down below, what is one of your favorites things to get your dog or cat? As always, I love you guys so much, Thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post! 

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