For my Bloggers Gift Guide

Calling all my bloggers out there. This gift guide is dedicated to. As always I am not sponsored by any of the things in this post these are stuff I want or recommending to you guys that would make a perfect gift. So let’s get started.


51zfIBkCe+L._SX436_BO1,204,203,200_I live by this book. It’s helped me through a lot when starting my blog. I didn’t know what I was doing and needed help and one day I found this book and I’m so glad I did it walks you through everything while also giving examples and pictures which I know it sounds ridiculous but as someone who learns by seeing it this book is a lifesaver. For only $13.99 at Amazon go pick yourself up this book. No matter if you’re a highly successful blogger or someone who just started this book will help you.


adobe_post_20181211_1845311403815605.jpg ALLFANCY_daily_400xI’ve been on the search for a planner that suited me for a while! Then about 4 months ago I saw an ad for the smart planner and I fell in love! But the planner I wanted was $98.00 so I didn’t get it. Until I found out there do a random sale one week out of the month and I got it for $58.00!! I was so happy! I love the fancy pants planner! It has everything I want and needs as a planner! MAINStartplanner_2019_HustleDailySPIRALart_400xBut if the fancy pants aren’t for you they have a lot of different planners for you to pick from so go check out all the ones they have I’m sure they have the perfect one for you! 




WordPress-com-Pricing-PlansThis one seems kind of obvious if you know of someone who’s a blogger that use WordPress then this would be a great gift to them! There are four different plans you can have on WordPress the free, the personal, Premium, and the business one! All ranging in different prices depending on where you are and what plan you have now. But I highly recommend these because they do different stuff I personally right now how the premium one but I want to upgrade to business but it is a pricey investment but this is a great present for that bloggers in your life!



imageServiceThis one is like a no-brainer if you have a Blogger in your life I highly recommend getting them notebooks and Post-it notes. I go through a lot of Post-it notes from planning to todo lists. I personally love the classic yellow Post-It note any post in notes but you can get anyone you like1 they even have some cute design once. 91dmf8wZmEL._SX425_As for Notebooks, this is one of the many notebooks I am currently using I love this one because it’s small but I can fit a lot into it, I use a notebook to plan out posts, and plan out my week and still like that. Like I said you can pick out any notebook this is just one I currently have and I’m currently loving right now.




GUEST_2ad3d803-1170-4789-933f-f9310f658e08I am obsessed with these pens I have every color there is! I love them. The ink joy Papermate gel pens are one of my favorites the colors are amazing and pretty!  At $20 you can get 14 of them and they’re just so pretty they don’t smear like most gel pen is do they last a long time and they write smoothly. No matter what you do for your blogger or not I recommend expense to everybody.



GUEST_6920e262-8e62-4b9d-9fe9-f384c02e26b5Desk organizers are next to the impossible that you have to have in your life. These are two that I really want and I’m considering getting for my desk. The first one is a Target brand white wood storage unit. I like how I can set it up on my desk and I keep papers in it or folders pens scissors paper clip etc. and it looks super cute. And only $12 is not a bad price either. GUEST_96892de2-e3a0-4066-ae16-b19ad895008fThe next one is his pretty cold metal cage type storage drawer. Listen to really pretty and I would love this on my desk to keep papers and stuff that I need to file away in my filing cabinet. It’s only $24.99 which isn’t too bad for this considering how big it is. Plus you can put stuff on top as an added bonus.







How-To-Clear-Your-MindI say this for every blogger out there, writing can be difficult. Especially when you don’t have the space to write. And I’m not talking about a desk or somewhere to sit next to right I’m talking about the headspace. When you have 8 million other things to do is Hardison then focus on writing something as simple as a post. So giving your loved one of your friend or your sibling some space to get work done right would mean the world to them. I found this article that I think you should consider reading I really touch all the topics of giving your partner or someone the space they need to work. Plus it’s free I’m pretty sure it’s the only thing free on my gift guys this week lol.


I hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide! It’s my last one for this year but I’m already planning next years!! Let me know in the comments down below, What’s something you want this year? As always I love you guys, thank you for everything, and I’ll see you in the next post! 

Allison Velia 

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