Breakdown of 2018!

Just like 2018 is over!!! That’s crazy to think about! 2018 was filled with crying, laughter, sadness, and happiness. Today let’s break down everything that happened in 2018!

Jan- I was on break for a little bit of January. The blog was still called Ally+Kat. Gave it a new look.

Feb- Started getting my confidence. Started wearing clothes I never thought I would wear!

March- Didn’t blog for most of March because I gave the blog a total redo. Renamed my blog As Told by Allie!

April- Had an amazing Easter! Finally got to decorate my apartment! (lived here for almost 3 years and never put anything up!)

May- My dad got suspended at work again, ended up quitting because he was done fighting with them. I got any camera and started upgrading my blog.

June my dad had officially quit his job. They wanted him fired because of his cancer. And was done fighting so he quit.

July – Went on a little vacation. Haven’t been on one for a while.

August – Was a shitty month. My Abuela died. Didn’t blog for a while.

September – Back from break! Feeling better!

October – I turned 21!! Started working towards making my blog my full-time job.

November – renamed my blog to Allison Velia. Gave it a total redo!

December – In a better place with my blog. Planning more, and becoming less stressed!

 Looking back this year has been tough. I cried a lot. I lost myself. I thought I couldn’t do anything. But here I am. I know life is tough, but you can get through it! I did. I will keep fighting and keep going because  I want to make the best out of my life! So here’s to 2019 the year where I fight to be myself and get I want because I deserve that! You deserve it! 

Allison Velia 

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