The Instagram Tag!

I came across this fun tag the other day and thought it would be a fun way to show off my Instagram a little bit! If you guys didn’t know I have an Instagram and Twitter! So let’s get started!

1. What is your Instagram name?
2. When did you start your Instagram account?
September 28, 2017! Which is crazy because my blog got started and June of 2017 so I waited a few months before I started my Instagram.
3. What was the first picture you posted on Instagram?

4. How often do you post pictures?
I try to do it at least 1-2 times a day but I kind of suck at social media and I’m working on that! That is one of my main goals for 2019 is to become more active all my social media is because it is part of a job of a blogger.
5. What is your least favorite photo on Instagram?

I wouldn’t say I have a certain pic that I hate that when it comes to pictures of myself I am very hard on myself for it and so if I post it I would stare at it and point out my flaws and usually takes me a little bit before I post that photo.


6. What picture do you have the most likes on?
I always get more like some pictures of my dog or cat. People just love animals LOL. And I’m perfectly fine with that

7. Do you have any Instagram pet peeves?
I don’t know if this is a pet peeve or not but one thing I hate about social media General is it portrays a life that you don’t really have a guess. Like it shows all the good sides of your life and some of it could be faked and when it comes to social media that is hard cuz you want to be like the person you post pictures of the month Beach all the time but in reality, I rarely go anywhere.
8. What type of accounts do you follow?
I fell out of ride range of accounts from other bloggers I like Tess Holliday who someone I look up to, Taylor Swift just stuff like that like you can look at the people I follow and it’s just a wide range of people.
9. Is your Instagram private or public?
I do have a public Instagram which is the one for my blog but I do have a private one that I follow my family and friends to like that that I’ve had for a long time. I ended up deciding to have two different accounts that way I could have one just my family that I can talk to you on there but I don’t post anything on that I haven’t posted anything I live in years and then I am a public one what you got to say all the time.

10. What are your favorite pictures that you have posted?
I don’t know if I could pick just one cuz I have a lot but I will say this photo here is one of my favorites because it was taken not too long ago about a month ago it is something that I didn’t have any stress I had an amazing day with my friends and my best friend ended up taking this photo Mrs. Janet I spent the day with her and her son Taylor who has special needs who has become a really good friend of mine and she ended up taking me to a ranch where they have cows and goats which is some of my favorite animals and it’s just amazing day that I spent with them and she’s an amazing person who I just love.
11. What is your most recent post?

As of writing This is currently my recent post! I get asked all the time where I make these and I make them Though an app called spark post! I started making these as a way to show that I posted a new blog post on my Instagram and I love how they turned out so I kept making them! It fits well with my Instagram!
12. Do you do anything with your Instagram photos?
No I have no idea how to photoshop obviously you guys can tell I do try to like fix the brightness or crop and blur stuff but other than that I don’t do anything as of editing myself in the photos and stuff like that.
13. What is your most recent video posted on Instagram?
I don’t think you’re going to be posted like a video on Instagram. If I do a video that usually goes on my Instagram story but I looked at my Instagram let me know if I’m wrong and I have but I don’t think I’ve ever had!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! It was really fun to do! I thought it was a fun cute tag to do! Let me know in the comments down below, do you have a favorite social media? As always I love you guys so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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