January’s Q&A

Happy Wednesday everyone, for today’s post I decided it’s time for another Q&A!!! Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram because that is where I get all my questions from you guys to do my monthly q and A’s. So let’s go ahead and get started.


1. What is a favorite product you are in love with right now? Sarah W.
I have a plus come and sit and talk about all my favorite products for this month but laying one favorite product right now would have to be the queen V vitamins and taking. And I’ve been in person but when I started taking these I’ve noticed I changed and I think I might have them soon once I finished with the second round.
2. Favorite go to dinner to make? Jeff K.
It all depends really. One of my favorite to make is homemade empanadas but they take a long time to make it a lot of work so one of my quick go-to dinners is either meatball subs or grilled cheese with tomato soup.
3. Still single? Emma T.

download (8)
That’s a great question. Right now I am not really focusing on a relationship but at the same time I’m not saying no to one I’m just going to seeing what happens. I just have a lot going on and I don’t know if adding someone in my life is a good thing that I need right now but also I low-key am lonely.
download (1)

4. What’s an app you can’t live without? Lauren P.
So besides from the ones that I use for work like WordPress and spark post I would say my go-to favor. I can’t live without would be clue which is my period Tracking app have used it since middle school and I’ve loved it ever since. But then I also have apps like Dunkin’ and Starbucks.

5. What’s a quote you live by? Ally L.download (9)

download (9)There’s a few that I love but one of my favorites is your sister is both your mirror and your opposite. I ended up reading this in middle school for a product of his doing and ever since then it’s just stuck with me because me and my older sister have a difficult relationship and I did a black person on this a long time ago by kind of talked about that.
6. How are you right now? Mable H.
Thank you for asking I am okay. As of writing this post it is Tuesday night and they are currently working on the plumbing and my sister’s bedroom which is right next to mine and that it’s been a stressful mess but I’m doing pretty good. How are you guys?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post let me know in the comments down below what is an app that you guys can leave without? As long as guys I love you guys so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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