Why I have a Patreon…

So obviously by the title, you know what this post is going to be about. I made a patreon. And I just wanted to explain to you why because I feel like it’s the right thing to do.

download (12)So as you guys may know I’ve been very vocal on my blog about my dad losing his job. If you didn’t know he has been fighting with them because they wanted to fire him for a while now because of his cancer. And so he ended up quitting before they really could fire him because they wanted to make him wait another three months before he would get a final answer even though they basically said he was already fired so because of that money is a tough thing right now. I could get a job but that is hard for me because of my social anxiety, I take care of my little sister, and I also do everything else in this house like the cleaning the cooking grocery shopping so I’m basically a full-time Nanny to my own house. And then when my dad goes to chemo I download (6)take care of him because it knocks him out for a good week. So this patrons really to help me with my blog and to say that my blog is my job. I wanted to say that for a while now but you have to get paid for it to be your job and being in school right now to become a writer is hard because school is expensive and when you don’t have a job that’s even harder. But I don’t like asking for money to straight out I hate it. So I decided to do a patreon because I’m basically giving you stuff in return. This is my first time making a patreon so I know I will have some tweaking to do with it but if you guys would please go check it out and let me know what you think of it and what I should add what I should not add what it should say stuff like that I will really appreciate that. And that’s basically it for this post because I did put a little lengthy post on the patreon explaining more into it I just didn’t feel like putting it all here because if you can get repetitive.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments down below what you think of patreon it’s? As always thank you for everything you do, I love you so much and I’ll see you in the next post

My Patreon!

3 thoughts on “Why I have a Patreon…

  1. I fully support Patreons! I don’t think people understand the amount of time, energy, effort and money that goes into creating content; whether that be blogs, YouTube channels or podcasts. I will definitely check yours out and I hope things turn around for your dad and your family. ❤ ❤

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