February Q&A!

Another month means another Q&A! If you want to be apart of the monthly Q&A make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@allyvkat) And you can always leave your questions down below for the next Q&A!

1) How do you manage work and school? Jason K.download (13)

To be honest, it’s sometimes hard! I make sure to set aside time for both the blog and school and I try my best to stay organize and keep everything in my planner! I might make a post on this soon! 

2) What helps with your anxiety? Carmen J.

It all sort of depends on how bad my anxiety is! Since I was little I would say the ABCs in my head to help calm me down. I will just go lay down and try to keep my mind off things. Talking to someone helps. Even crying helps to just let it out! 

3) Hows the working out going so far? Sara T.download (10)

It’s going really well. I have been sticking to my workout plan for a while now and I did take a few days off because I was packing up stuff and doing a deep clean but I am sore and my ass looks great! 

4) What was one of your favorite post you did last year? Jess P.Adobe_Post_20181111_051123.jpg

I would have to say The F Word is a favorite. I love opening up about being fat and taking back that word to use it positively! It was diffent for me and I loved how it turned out! I hope to do more posts like that this year! 


5) Tips on being single? Maddy M.singleaf-logo-1

Just have fun! Focus on yourself and don’t rush into anything. I made a post on Why I am Single I go more in-depth on that topic! 

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