Come Shower With Me!

A few years ago I did a post where I talked about my shower routine! Since then a lot has changed, so I decided to do an updated come shower with me but before we get into that I wanted to let you guys know about this site I found called hair code! (I’m in no way sponsor by them, I just found this site and wanted to let you guy know about it!

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When I first saw the ad for hair code I thought it was one of those you take this survey and they recommend their products that are super expensive. But I wanted to still give it a shot. The quizzes itself with actually really easy. It’s one of those where there’s not a lot of questions but yet it goes into really good details. I also love that it took into consideration where I live because I do live in Florida and the humidity is really bad for my hair so I was happy they took that into consideration. After I take the quiz I was greeted with my hair code. And it came a short summary about my hair and then recommend the products that are best fit for me. And I went up to the products I was completely shocked. All the products are stuff that’s at my local drugstore like Aussie and Pantene and head and shoulders. I was completely surprised. So I went ahead and buy all the products that I was recommended for my hair problems. And I want to take you through my shower routine.


First thing I do if I brush my hair. While I’m brushing I use not your mother’s kinky moves detangler. This stuff works wonders on my hair and swimming even using for a while and I absolutely love it.


Now that I am in the shower I first wet my hair and then I use my shampoo. One of my big problems because I have a Sensitive Scalp and it’s been really itchy. I don’t think it’s dandruff but you never know so they recommended me head and shoulders. So I picked it up. I use it in my hair I scrub it in my hair massage it in real good and then I rinse out.


Next step is I put my conditioner in I use to not your mother’s way to grow conditioner. This is one of my favorite conditioners and so I continue to use it even though it wasn’t recommended for me and I still really like the outcome. I do not rinse this out I leave it in until I’m done with all my other steps.


With conditions in my hair and shave and now you see Schick Intuition razor. I would not recommend this if you are doing a really close shave but for me, it works really great saves time I love this room ago I did a review on it if you want to check that out.


Now I use my body was. The body wash I am using is the up-and-up which is Target’s brand cistus care body wash it works really well for my body doesn’t give me any allergic reactions it’s great. But I also use my daily Concepts your body scrubber I got this off a Birchbox and I also use the face one to they both work wonders!


Next up I clean my queen V. I used two different products it depends, my two favorites right now is Summer’s Eve Blissful Escape cleansing wash and then the queen V body wash. They both work really well and I love them both they work great for me Is a few different products and stuff that I want to try out especially from queen V but these are the two that I normally stick with.


Then I rinse out the conditioner for my hair and then I was told from hair code that because of my hair they recommended for use hot water Right before you leave the shower to rinse out my hair in cold water for a few seconds and I started doing that and I won’t lie it feels kind of good. I take a really hot shower right before I walk out this nice to have the cold water kind of Splash on me. And then I get out of the shower to do we are not done yet.


When I get out of the shower my haircut suggested that I do he’ll even in the leave and they told me to do was he Pantene 10 in 1 Beauty balm so I put a little my hand brother my hair is and I wrap my hair up in a town and then I get dressed. And then I scrunch my hair up in the towel and then I’m done.

That is it for this come shop with me / telling you guys about hair code. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments down below what are some of your favorites shower products? As always guys I love you guys so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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