Real Talk

Every Sunday I have a family dinner at my grandma’s house. I drive an hour there and an hour back. Some days I absolutely love it we have tons of fun and great. Sometimes I could hate it and then there are days where it’s in the middle. Last Sunday it started out really good but it kind of ended I went to sleep and leave just annoying. If you don’t download (13)know I live at home with my dad. He has lymphoma cancer and my little sister lives here as well she’s currently 17 and I helped her with school. I do all that cleaning, groceries, bills, cooking, and anything in between. All that is a full-time job for me. Along with that, I have my blog. And I am currently a full-time student taking online classes. Tell my grandmother that seems like it’s not enough that I need to get an actual job. And I know she doesn’t understand the whole I’m at home doing every fucking thing for this family. And then downloadI have my blog. But she doesn’t want to listen. That makes me mad. I mean no one in my family knows about my block or my writing career and that’s really don’t want them to know. So please for me to vent my feelings without them knowing. So nice to hear it seems like I don’t have a job but I also do everything for this family I don’t have time for anything else. No one understands that not my dad, not my grandmother no one. They think I sleep all day and do absolutely nothing but the complete opposite. I don’t know it just frustrates me sometimes. I feel so I get through all this where can I get nothing out of it. I just needed to get this off my chest then and honestly I want to know your opinion. I always turn to you guys if I’m stuck or need to know what you guys think of this and that’s why I really love my blog.

So thank you guys for letting me rant for a minute or so. And the comments down below, let me know if there’s anything going on in your life that’s frustrating you. It’s always guys I love you so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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