February Breakdown

Just like that 2 months down in 2019 only 10 more to go. So let’s go ahead and breakdown what has happened in February.


download (12)February was pretty good. my anxiety was down for most of it only had a few breakdowns. I’ve been really good with my workout I even started a new pit program or gallon and that has been kicking my ass but it’s been really good. I started tracking what I’ve been eating. I’ve been to a post on this coming soon I promise but I have been eating healthier and try not to stress eat as much. Overall I’m proud of myself this month for pushing myself and trying to get my life under control.


download (6)It’s been amazing. I’ve been so caught up on the blog that I’m not stressing out to get a post done and I’m not forcing myself to work. So that has been really nice. I still set aside at least an hour a day while I sit down and just work. The other day I sat down and didn’t leave my desk for four hours and I got a lot of stuff done. And it felt very good. I’ve been trying to keep being ahead and with the post, emails, and do stuff like that and it’s been really nice. I’m interacting with you guys which have been amazing I love the comments or message I get on either Instagram or Twitter. I want to keep doing that more. But also the views up and I which I see really happy. That’s something I’ve been trying to work on and try to Market it myself more. But that’s always going to be a learning process for me. The next big step is to monitor has been blowing me off at that I know is going to be a big confusing step.

I hope you guys enjoyed this February break down. Let me know in the comments down below how is your February? As always guys thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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