April Goals

I’m back. If you guys hadn’t that one I have been gone for the month of March. I didn’t post kind of explaining where I’ve been and what’s been happening if you want to check it out. But I am back and it’s a new month. So let’s go ahead and make some goals.

About As Told by Allie (19)

download (13)Y’all I need to get my anxiety under control. The past month it has been really bad and I thought I was making progress do they leave feels like a just falling backward. So that is a big goal for me. I need to work out more. I was doing so well for them because of my anxiety I just had no energy mentally or physically and I still am pushing myself to work out but I would like to do more. Other than that I’ve been pretty good with everything else that I’ve been working towards.

About As Told by Allie (21)

images (4)I need to work towards making this my job. In July would like to use in me having my blog. And I’m very proud of how far I’ve become but I need to keep working towards that goal. I have the patreon that I started and I need to get that up because it’s hard. My family doesn’t understand this whole block I guess. Granted they don’t really know. But I’m so tired of my grandmother yelling at me that I have to get a job but she doesn’t understand that I technically to have a job but not only that is my anxiety and my social anxiety I can’t get a job. Pause my days are already so busy with taking care of my family they don’t understand that. And that’s hard.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’m glad to be back and I’ve missed you guys so much. Have a lot of fun poster this month so make sure you stay tuned to those. As always guys I love you so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post.

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